Bloodbond – Devotion to vampire followers

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This mod allows you to devote blood to vampire followers from dialogue. Instead of consuming your health 50, you can greatly restore the health of him / her.

And If that follower is vanilla’s voice type, a reply of one line will be inserted (silence if they do not match) before feeding.


Required DLC:Dawnguard.

– A dialog is displayed only when he / her is vampire (strictly speaking, When has keyword “vampire”), and during hired as follower.

– When you are a vampire, cannot devote blood.

– To prevent unintentional death, if your health is less than 70 the dialog will not be displayed.

– Rarely Feeding animation may not be played, but it’s a specification.


Compatible with mod followers, such as Azel[/url] and Hubert Ferrier[/url].

I think that it is OK if the follower has the keyword “Vampire”.

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