Bloodcursed – Create your own Bloodcursed Arrows

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Upon loading the mod into the game world – you will be able to find a spell tome that resembles a ‘Destruction’ tome – it will be stationed in the bookshelf where you find Valerica’s Journal. 

This will teach you a Lesser Power:  Blood – Create BloodCursed Arrows.

You can use this as many times as you want – it will have the following effects.

1. Your character will be animated to kneel down, slice open his hand and then bleed on the ground

(Thanks to Brehanin2 – His Better Vampires mod showed me how to do that specific animation)

2. Your character will then lose either 10, 5 or 1 Elven Arrows – depending on which is the higher denomination present.

    You will then gain an equal value of Bloodcursed Arrows.

Eg: If you have 0 Elven Arrows in your inventory – nothing will happen.

      If you have  >= 10 Elven Arrows in your inventory – you will lose 10 and gain 10.

                          >= 5 Elven Arrows in your inventory – you will lose 5 and gain 5.

                          >= 1 – you will lose 1 and gain 1

The animation and effect takes about 10 seconds to complete- so it makes sense to do 10 at a time.

I purposely capped it at 10 per use to maintain immersiveness – I didn’t think it would make sense a little puddle of blood could equate to 60-100 arrows in a single dose. I mean – the blood is potent, but not that potent.

Inventory of the Mod:

1 ESP file (contains the Spell and Spell Effect to trigger the animations, also contains the spell tome and places it in Valerica’s Lab)

1 Script File (with source) – to perform the conversion from Elven to Bloodcursed.

The source of the script is included for anyone to look at and duplicate etc

Most of the animation / hand-slicing etc came from Brehanin2 – who also released the source with his Better Vampires mod etc.

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