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ATTENTION: even if you dont DL her, check out Rolenity, cause Bloodruby’s story is also part 2 of a 2 part tale, where Rolenity’s story is pt 1.

She is Bloodruby, Maiden of Rage. She is a 1H beast with many 1H abilities and spells  such as vampire drain, heal, and she can turn into bats too! Please Endorse her if you like her! And make sure you check out the other mods of the Gemstone Universe!

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There are 2 versions of Bloodruby, a 1H and a dual wield version with two swords. if you use a follower framework, you may still have to “make” her a dual wielder, even if you have that version. She also has two eye textures. She comes with the all red eyes but if you like her normal eyes, you can rename the “ruby2” eye texture in the textures/bloodruby/body folder to “ruby”, drop it in the eyes folder, and overwrite. There are pics with both on this page to compare.

The Story – (Takes place 1 month after the events of The Maidens of Prophecy)

After a long journey, Ruby finally stood in front of the vampire queen herself, undaunted, unafraid, and with a mission. ”Diana. I wish to speak with you,” she said. Diana looked at her, not too happy. “And how many soldiers of mine did THIS visit cost? I’m growing tired of this…but I am very intrigued.  So, Ryba Stone… what can I do for YOU?” Ruby paused. Diana did not. “I feel your anger, child….you are mad….disappointed…wishing you had more power. Is that not why you are here?” Ruby, angry, was defiant. “You are WRONG.” “Oh, my dear child…you will find that it is YOU who are wrong; about a great…many…things. Now why are you here?” Ruby lowered her head. “when I got to my village, I was almost fully turned, but my mother infused my body with the magic of our clan…it stopped the turn, but I was still changed, more powerful than before. I seemed to have lost a lot of that power since then.” Diana turned and scowled. “That darn Shyeri magic has always been a problem…and your mother was very powerful in wielding it.” “You know NOTHING” Ruby yelled back, “about my MOTHER!” “Oh child” Diana laughed, “I look young, but believe me….I am NOT. I have been around for a long time…I have watched your Shyeri clan fall from a proud strong female clan to one weak village controlled by weak men. It is a shame it was destroyed, you were to have such a grand destiny…It seems that the prophecy you and your sister fulfilled will now be the biggest accomplishment of the Shyeri clan. A shame you couldn’t finish it.” Ruby was angry already, but this set her off. “What do you mean, “couldn’t finish it”? We defeated the Bloodstone, we won…we saved Skyrim!” “You are so misguided, Ryba Stone” Diana explained. “The prophecy stretches over a long period of time, child. The next chapter is almost here, and when it is all over the victory of the four Shyeri over the evil is to be legend, more than anything you and your little friends have done. At least that is what the prophecy says.” Ruby looked confused. “FOUR shyeri? but there are only me and my sister…and that one that was after her…Rolonce’? That’s only three. We are all that is left; the rest are all dead. There is no fourth Shyeri.” Diana looked at Ruby, as if she knew something Ruby did not. “Oh, well, who knows? But, back to the matter at hand. I can give you greater power than you have…but first…you must do something for me.” ”Fine. What is it?” Ruby was antsy. Diana stood up for the first time since Ruby arrived. “There is someone who has caused me…issue. Go to her…and bring me her head in a bag. Once you do that I will give you what you crave.” “Where is this person?” Ruby asked, ready to be more powerful. “She is on her way to Whiterun, traveling through Riverwood” Diana said, flippantly. “And don’t bother asking how you’ll know who she is…you’ll know.” Ruby nodded. “I’ll be back soon.” Diana smiled…”I know you will. I’m counting on you…maiden.” 1 Day Later:

The girl was almost to Whiterun when she heard the voice. “Excuse me.”  She turned around to see Ruby. “You are the Ruby maiden, are you not?” she asked. “That I am, girl…and I have been looking for you.” The girl smiled. “Peculiar, I have been looking for you as well.” Ruby looked puzzled. “That is no matter to me, child…but what is that energy I sense from you? it is…familiar.” The girl stood straight and defiant. She exclaimed proudly “I am Rolenity, one of the three sisters of Norrath. I believe you know my other two sisters, Rolaryn and Rolanna? Or maybe by their new SLAVE names… Emerald and Sapphire!?”

Ruby stopped. Rolenity. She remembered the girls talking about her at the beginning. This was their sister. The other one brought over from their time/space mishap. Could they ever forgive her? WOULD they? No…NO. None of that mattered, the only thing, THE ONLY THING that mattered to her was getting the power she needed. Ruby slowly looked up and stared at Rolenity for what seemed like an eternity. “So you are Rolenity. Your sisters speak highly of you. Unexpected this is…and unfortunate.” Rolenity shot back. “So what do you want with me, Ryba Stone? Have you come to try and make me a slave, too?”

Ruby slowly drew her blade, and got into a Shyeri battle stance. “Not exactly.”

Rolenity smiled. “Good. It seems we have the same idea. Ready yourself.” Ruby looked almost sad. “Sorry, child…I will do what I must.”

And with that Rolenity drew her sword, Norrath’s light and said, “You will try…” Meanwhile, Emerald and Sapphire were in Whiterun at the market. “I heard they have giant grapes here, Sapph, we should see if…” and then all of a sudden Emerald dropped to one knee. They both suddenly looked at each other in horror. “Did you feel that?” Emerald cried out. “yes…is that, is that….Rolenity?” Sapphire exclaimed. Emerald stood up quickly. “We have to go. NOW!! Hurry Sapph!” and with that, they ran out of Whiterun,

mounted their horses, and started traveling as fast as they could to where they felt Rolenity’s energy.

1 Day later:

Diana is relaxing on her throne when a bag is thrown to her feet. “There…it is done. I have done what you asked. Now honor your part of the agreement.”

Diana now looked suspicious. “Slave! bring me that bag.” After being handed the bag by a nearby slave, Diana looked inside. She smiled. “I did not think you had it in you…I was wrong. Diana then stared at Ruby. “What is THAT on your face?” Ruby looked confused. Diana continued “Is that a SCAR?? Was that little elf girl really THAT much of an issue for the great Ruby Maiden? ” Ruby looked down, as if ashamed. “She was…stronger than i thought she was going to be.” Diana laughed. ” I guess I understand why you need more power. Seems like she would have made a formidable maiden herself. Oh well. Well, you have done the deed and now you shall get your reward. Are sure this is what you want? There will be no going back this time, for your mother is now long gone and neither your sister or that other Shyeri girl are powerful enough to save you from this fate.”

Ruby said “Do it. Just don’t make me a vampire.” Diana laughed. “Like I would give you that honor. However some abilities may be needed for this power you seek. Come here child, and be forever changed.” Diana raised her hand, and if by magic ruby was pulled to her, and she felt quickly Diana fangs penetrate her neck. “It is ok child, I decide when the turning point is. Do not fear. It is almost over.” Then it was. Ruby fell to the ground. “Get up. It will take you a few minutes but you will feel fine. As for your look, it will not do. That armor is too…happy” Diana waved her hand and the Maiden armor Ruby was wearing transformed before her very eyes. “Much better, child, don’t you think?” Ruby looked in marvel. “It is quite…elaborate.” “Yes it is…” Diana looked her over. “I threw the cross on there for laughs, for you are anything BUT a child of the divines now. Your weapon…it needs, a bit more. Sorrow’s Flame, I think it’s called? Well you are far beyond that now…more like…despair. And despair always thirsts for satisfaction. Soul trap perhaps? Yes…yes. Sorrow’s flame is gone, Replaced by…Despair’s Thirst. Now you have what you want, and at what a price. Now be gone.” Ruby knelt in respect. “I am grateful, Diana. Thank you.” Diana smiled. “The pleasure was all mine…oh, by the way, did you happen to save the armor or weapon that she had?” Ruby stopped. “That was not part of the agreement. you got your head. What I do with the rest is my business.” Diana laughed. “But of course…now go out and show your power and get what’s yours…BloodRuby.” And with that, Bloodruby headed off to the only place she felt called to… The Hall of the Dead, in Whiterun.


Emerald and Sapphire had reached the battle site. It was too late. all that was left was a headless naked body. But the energy was still in the air. “I can’t believe this” Sapphire said. “She’s gone. We are maidens, Emerald, why couldn’t we save her?!” “Quiet!” Emerald yelled. “Do you sense that? it’s another energy here.” Sapphire stopped for a second. “yes…yes I do. It’s like hers, but…no, no…it’s like OURS, but different? It’s like…

Emerald, is that…Lady Ruby’s energy?” Emerald was very quiet. “It is. But why would she do this? I know at the Blue Palace she was angry and growing distant from us even then, but this…and to even take her armor and weapon and leave her like this? That is unforgivable. Ok, Sapphire, the time for questions is done. It’s time to get some answers.” “Where are we going, Emerald?” Emerald thought for a second, and then reared her horse. “To the only person who may have answers…Lady Amethyst.”


Skyrim Mod Hoarders, the best Skyrim FB group, for always supporting my mods. Check em out:

Asherz, for his Bat Travel spell, Heal spell, and many fixes he did to keep Bloodruby on track.

MassiveMaster, For her eye and skin help in this and many of my mods.

Unknown Mod, for the Sweet red dunmer eye texture. Know it? Tell me what it is!!

Demon Hunter Armor by Jojjo and GraceDarkling and zzjay:

Demon Hunter Armor Volcanic Metal texture by Cinek12345:

Insanitys Celtic Katana:

Fair Skin byHHaley:

KS Hairdos renewal byKalilies and Stealthic :

DIMONIZED UNP female body by Dimon99:

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