Blue Palace Overhaul

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Hey guys! Here’s a mod I’ve been working on for a whole. It was for my own use at first, but it was getting so big that I decided to share 😀

First of all I wanna thanks Zebsi  for helping me with all of the scripts and for all the patience to write the codes 😀 You should check out his page and his mods (small spoiler: there’s a really cool one coming out :D)

I recommend you complete the quest Wabbajack quest before installing, because I changed the room’s location and I don’t know how it’ll work for you (for me it’s working fine, but it’s better to be on the safe side). Also, be sure to back up your save in case there are any installation problems.

This mod overhauls the Blue Palace’s interior, giving it a layout that matches the building as seen from the outside, and making it look, well, altogether more palace-like (seriously, Bethesda was so lazy when they created this castle).

Proudspire Manor TNF – Hearthfire by goatk

• Lakeview Pool and Hot Bath EX for Hearthfire by sa547

• Solitude Public Bathhouse by Zuzmoo

Zebsi  for the scripts codes

Battle Towels for Vanilla-EVB by radbeetle

(His and Hers) Battle Towels – CBBE – CBBEPhy – BodySlide – Male by Derpsdale

(this one is originally for Fallout 4 but I ported for Skyrim and retextured it

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