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Hello there!

This time I present to you my new 3 Bosmer/Woodelf Racemenu presets! Bosmers were the most difficult to create out of the 3 elven races. Something about their chin/cheeks and (ofc) eyebrows is really weird.

Enjoy 🙂


Mods used to create the beautys

For all of them:


Ks Hairdos

Ethereal Elven Overhaul

[/size]SG Female Eyebrows

[/color]Vanilla Makeup HD

Female Makeup Suite

Bijin Skin

Fair Skin Complexion, the Skin Universalizer[/size][/color][/size]



Dragon Age Dalish Vallaslin Face Tattoo’s For Racemenu



The Neith Team Warpaints Set

Eyes of Aber



Eyes of Aber[/size][/color]Freckle Mania 2

(If you don’t have Freckle Mania 2, and still use this preset the body will probably appear to be a light blue tint. Just set the body paint to transparent and it should be back to normal)


Just drop the beautys into your “Preset” folder. Usually located under:




Armor used here is the “Book of UUNP Bodyslide”, also “Girl’s Heavy Armors” on Liya.

Presets are best used with an ENB (I use Tetrachromatic ENB) and Facelight.

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