Bow Power Attacks Module For Advanced Modders and Mod Authors (No Scripts)

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I was messing with the animationevents like usual and found that you can use some melee attack behaviors while your bow is equipped. Some worked fine while others bugged the player character. So after some testing i picked the ones that work without problems and used the bash attack in the bow to trigger them.

What does the mod do?

You can do forward – back – left – right power attacks from (two handed axe animations) now when you use your bash in any direction. Sprinting and pressing bash will do 1 handed sword sprint power attack.

Things you need to know.

The direction power attacks are affected by bow perks. So it deepened on what attack speed you currently have while the sprint power attack have it own speed regardless of what you do.

if you want to change the animation to pick something that fit the bow. You will need to replace these files 2hw_attackpowerforward 2hw_attackpowerbwd – 2hw_attackpowerleft – 2hw_attackpowerright  for direction power attacks and 1hm_attackpowerforwardsprint.HKX for the sprint attack but keep in mind that will also change the animation for all two handed battleaxes and warhammers. I would recommend you to use PCEA2 so you don’t mess your animations.

Finally the mod is just esp file there no scripts – meshes – animations – behaviors or anything else in it and no scripts are being triggered from the esp so it shouldn’t mess your save. Aso there no delay at all when you trigger the attacks.

Modders: As you can see the mod require some work from the user to make it work probably. And i don’t really have the time to walk a beginner step by step on how to set up pcea2 and find the proper animations. So unless you know what i am talking about just wait until someone make a proper version out of this mod.

Mod Authors: You are free to edit or do whatever you want with this mod without contacting me. I tried to copy what Skyrim Spear Mechanic did to make a standalone animations but i don’t know anything about scripts and it was just a waste of time. So i hope someone who does make a proper version of this.

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