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Branwen is from Queen’s Blade. In the anime she’s apparently half dragon or has dragon blood. She’s also a dragon rider. Now of course, dragons are different in TES universe. My understanding of the lore is that Dragons in TES hate being ridden and only make an exception during special occasions like in Skyrim. With that said though, dragons are shown to be wise and smart and human-like and aren’t a hive mind creature. So even though they are supposedly evil or cruel by nature, i can imagine there are other dragons out there like Paarthurnax who decided to lead a peaceful life.

So for Branwen, I decided to have her not be a dragon born just so it doesn’t mess with the lore. Instead, she’d be so good at shouting that people would mistake her for a dragonborn. And she’d be good at shouting thanks to a dragon friend she made in hammerfell who lives in hiding in a small village or something where everyone keeps him a secret and he teaches them dragon shouts to protect themselves or something. That way she’s still somewhat lore friendly but also true to her character.

I know she has two different colored eyes, but after hours of trying to figuring it out, she kept ending up with one missing eye no matter what I did. If I ever figure it out, i’ll come back to her (and Lucoa).


Branwen is a Redguard woman who grew up in Hammerfell. She lived in a small town who had a dragon that secretly lived underground. As a little girl, she’d wander down there to visit the dragon and speak to him about her day and he’d share stories with her as well. As she grew older learning to fight as a warrior, he taught her how to shout as a dragon, giving her an edge and earning her a reputation as a Dragon Warrior. The dragon taught other warriors in the village shouts, but he taught Branwen his powerful shouts because of their strong friendship.

One day, a group of bandits and sellswords attacked the village. A local crimelord heard rumors of the village with “dragon screamers” and used his small army of bandits to try and get the dragons. The village put up a good fight, but when they threatened the life of the dragon, they surrendered, including Branwen. The dragon was too weak to fight and could no longer fly. They were all taken as slaves, some sold off. The Crimelord, Dogura, was an orc who was very short and rotund and was thought to be a deformed goblin. Many suspect he actually is a goblin and just claims to be an orc so that people will do business with him. Dogura kept the dragon and his trophy and pet and kept Branwen to be his Gladiator to make money in pit fights and arenas.

For a few years, Branwen fought as a gladiator in underground fights. she often thought about killing Dogura, but knew that if she did, his henchmen would kill the dragon. The dragon saw her suffering with no hope for a good life. So he used the last of his strength to break free and find his way to Branwen in her chambers. With a small army of henchmen approaching them, the dragon uttered three last words to her: Dovah. Aav. Sil.”  or Dovah Join Soul. The dragon turned into a bright flame and calmly nodded at Branwen. She gazed at him with tears in her eyes. His body started to vanish turning into a swirling light that flowed into her. With about 80 henchmen standing before her and a dragon skeleton, she unleashed her full power on them, not holding back. She killed all of them, mainly using her shouts. Taking her sword and shield she killed Dogura unceremoniously.

After wandering Hammerfell, destroying human trafficking operations, running into some familiar faces from her village along the way, it has been a few years since then. She’s now wandering Skyrim hoping to fight injustices. She’s also heard that there have been sightings of a dragon and wanted to see for herself if there were other dragons like her old friend. She also wears her gladiator armor that Dogura made her wear as a reminder of her dragon’s sacrifice.


Branwen’s Stats

Gender: Female

Voice Type: Female Sultry

Body: Custom UUNP Special Body

Class: Dragon Warrior

Combat Style: Sword and Board with Shouting

Likes: dragons

Dislikes: goblins, arenas


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