Braverock (WIP)

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Braverock new epic and big world for Skyrim !…

 :: Its World created for MMO Game Style

 – Life Skills ( Farming, Hunting, Cooking etc. )

 – Repeatable Dungeons etc.

 – Grind Spots

And many many more !…

You can play with Your friends but You need any Multiplayer Mod

Skyrim Together: Click Me[/url]

Tamriel Online: Click Me[/url]

How to Find Braverock?

– There is portal between Riverwood and Burned Helgen

1) Draw line from Riverwood to Helgen on Map

2) Look around this line between Helgen and Riverwood

– or use console commands “coc greatbraverockarena” << Great Braverock Arena

coc QLGRoomMain

coc Birist ( but nothing is there atm. )

coc Cell_RuinedHouse

coc Cell_CrabRock

coc Dagarroh ( but its pretty empty )

coc QLGDevBoat ( exterior, here where SkyrimGTX start his Video )

coc RedTavern ( close to Skyrim Portal [Ancient Dungeon] its also place special for LL )

For ppl who play Braverock 1 and Braverock 2

No its not continuation of Braverock 2, its more like Night World

For ppl who play prev. Braverock 3 Version

whats new:

 – More landscape

 – More buildings

 – 3 new interiors

 – new scripts

 – new monsters

 – more navmesh

 – new Dev room * coc QLGRoomMain * (WIP)

:: Debug Map Markers deleted

For ppl who want to play with next updates

whats in next update:

 – Finished Braverock Arena ( atm. only Simple Version )

 – Finished Casino

 – Finished Gray and Hightrock house

You will finaly have something to do in Braverock 🙂

Also in thanks to SkyrimGTX undeads in Ancient Dungeon gonna be stronger

 – You can just one shot my Priests xD !…

Ty for support:

Reiestus || Tiberius || SkyrimGTX || Sahurows || Tivo

And many many more 🙂

Hey SkyrimGTX Surprised to see Yourself here?

I were also suprised to see myself on Your Channel 🙂

I Love your mods and i also have almost all of them 😀 !

Remember You all can upload Images and Videos here without my verification !…

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