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How to Enter to Braverock?

coc GreatBraverockArena ( safe )


coc QLG_KingCaslte ( old safe )

Quest is broken for now and also im not uploading SEQ file so dialogues may not work

but you can find Reiestus around Riverwood, he will try to speak with You

if You don’t want to use Cheats You can look for Portal around Helgen

From Quest: ( QUEST STAGE 40 )

Tiberius told that “Ancient Dungeons” is somewhere around burned city “Helgen” on Top of Mountain, its cold and very old place. He is following me cause of “Frozen Guardians” that protect this Dungeon.

y i know my english is perfect 🙂

Tiberius can be find around Riverwood – but he dont have any dialogues for now

There is many activators that you can use, for example Gray House

Don’t BUY anything in Braverock cause you just gonna lost money

i add only one Image but you can find more on my Nexus Profile… almost all Images are from this mod…

also i add two Videos but they show only Testing and working in CK

You are free to upload new Images and Videos without my verification !…

If you have good name Endorse this file or write a comment and i will use your name 🙂

also if you want you can write your Race and Class so i will make you in this mod and maybe give you something to do


– Reiestus is Braverock Officer and Main Character in First Main Quest ( )

– TiberiusFrost is second Main Character in First Main Quest ( )

or you can be a dick so i will make your character and move you to Prison 🙂

like for example: Fyrcynn ( can’t find his Nexus ACC… Banned ? Deleted ? )

Sahurows :)…

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