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Sorry, I’m Japanese. So, my English is bad


This mod adds bread armors and potato bread armors. And moreover add bread weapons. Yes, BREAD. The bread is delicious, aren’t you? So, I made this MOD.

They can be crafted at any forge, and can be improved (Weapon material is Wood, Armor material is Leather and Iron).

Bread and braided bread and potato bread are needed to craft and improve. However, you can buy them at inn, and find from barrels. Don’t worry.

Sometimes, you will encounter them naturally on enemies, in shops.

Leveled Lists are contributed via script so no merging needed.


BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Everything you need for SAM Lite or SOS Lite, CBBE of UUNP


Equipment Durability System : Breads ware left over? OK, use this.

The Dinner Time SE : Breads ware still left over? How about this?


Light Armors(Leather)

    [*]Bread Helmet

    [*]Bread Armor

    [*]Bread Bracers

    [*]Bread Shield

    [*]Bread Shoes

Bread is needed for craft and improve.

Heavy Armors(Iron)

    [*]Potato Bread Helmet

    [*]Potato Bread Armor

    [*]Potato Bread Bracers

    [*]Potato Bread Shield

    [*]Potato Bread Shoes

Potato bread is needed for craft and improve.


    [*]Bread Peel : Firewood is needed for craft and improve. Can be wielded as a sword. Reach 30% longer. Swing 25% slower.

    [*]Braided Bread Bow : Braided Bread is needed for craft and improve. Drawing speed very faster.

    [*]Braided Bread Arrow : Braided Bread is needed for craft. More gravity.


“Bata” mean, this is port from SE. So there may be some problem.

For example, I use body shape for SE. In other words, I use highpoly mesh, and you must use it.

How? It’s easy.

For example, you are using CBBE.

1) Download Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- (hereinafter referred to as CBBE SE) and SSE NIF Optimizer.

2) Install CBBE SE. And there are changed to LE by SSE NIF Optimizer.

3) You get highpoly CBBE LE. Congratulations!



Screen Shot : Thanks for ALL of MODDER.

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