Breezehome Loft Redesign

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Breezehome Loft Redesign (BLR) adds an enchanting station, chest, and mannequin to the loft area, unlocked by purchasing the Breezehome Loft Decorations as usual.

In addition, upon purchasing the child’s room for Breezehome the alchemy station and satchel are AUTOMATICALLY MOVED UPSTAIRS TO THE LOFT!! No need to empty out your satchel storage and carry that extra weight around to purchase your upgrade!

BLR will add the alchemy station to the loft area ONLY when you purchase the kid’s room. Decide you want to get rid of the kid’s room? No problem! Your alchemy station and contents of the satchel will automatically transfer back downstairs. Easy peasy!

This mod should be kid friendly – i.e., I have moved around the “play areas” for your children so they won’t get stuck in furniture, etc.

!!!NOTE: This mod requires Hearthfire!!! If you don’t have HF, there is a vanilla version available via Steam workshop.


This mod will NOT affect any existing storage in your house.


TL;DR version:

1) Adds enchanting station, chest and mannequin to loft (safe storage) when you buy loft upgrade

2) Buy kid’s room for Breezehome

3) Alchemy station AND alchemy satchel contents now appear in the loft

4) Remove kid’s room from Breezehome

5) Alchemy station AND alchemy satchel contents return to previous location


Version History

v1.0 – Released

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