Breezehome Refurbished

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Lots of storage containers have been added throughout the house, more place for books,

weapon display and also some interactive shelves, where potions, meals and other items

can be placed.

The children’s room is now located upstairs next to the player’s room, so it will be possible

to own the alchemy laboratory and a room for children at the same time. Furthermore, the

children’s room can be exchanged with a guest room.

Small garden with some planters and an apple tree. The alchemy laboratory is required

to purchase this upgrade.

Completely reworked the lighting. Some lights will automatically turn on/off at day and

night-time. Also added a few torches to the upper floor, they can be placed or

removed manually.

An enchanting table can be purchased as an addition for the player’s bedroom.

Most of the prices for the house decorations have been increased to reflect the changes.

Nonetheless, Breezehome will still remain the cheapest of the player homes.
[/font] [font=Trebuchet MS] Always make a save you can return to, in case something goes wrong.

Empty all containers, bookshelves, weapon racks, etc.

Send any children and spouse to another home.

Go to another interior cell and use the console command

ResetInterior WhiterunBreezehome

Install the mod as usual, either manually or with a mod manager.

If uninstalling, same steps need to be taken. After deinstallation, use

the console command to reset the cell. The alchemy lab will be missing

and needs to be purchased again.

[/font][/size][/color] The mod has been tested to be compatible with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.[/color][/font][font=Trebuchet MS]

Not compatible with most other mods that make changes to the Breezehome

cell or decoration system.[/color][/font] [font=Trebuchet MS]Artisanix for Paintings and Frames resource

ps46183 for Upper Class Furniture Resources

ChickenDownUnder for Harvestables resource

odin_ml for editing the TGSecretDoor01 mesh


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