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Sadly, I have to reformat my PC so, I will halt playing Skyrim at the moment and shall reinstall all again after reformat 🙁

ENB used – Snapdragon prime

Put the .jslot in: Skyrim > Data > SKSE > Plugin > CharGen > Presets

If you don’t like the color, feel free to change the color :3


Mikan Eyes – Or if you want another eyes you can choose


RANs HeadMesh Variants , Ran-C headmesh – or if you want another head shape that is also fine

KS Hairdos – Renewal or you can choose other

SG Female Eyebrows 

For skin – Fair Skin Complexion ,,  recommended, override it with Demoniac if you want to be Glossy as Fork,

For Body, CBBE

Preset list

Breton Preset Krisa

RedGuard Preset Abe v2

RedGuard Preset Abe

Wood Elf Preset Acasha 3

Dark Elf Preset Natsh 2

Wood Elf Preset Acasha 2

High Elf preset Mid 2

High Elf Preset Mid

Dark Elf Preset Natsh

Wood Elf Preset Acasha

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