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They were coming out of the Temple of Mara one day. A family – mother, father and son. They had just finished praying to Mara for safety, hope, guidance.

A voice rang out.

“Hey, that’s a nice ring you got there, missy. Care to hand it over?”

The family turned towards the source of the voice, a haggard, thin man. Obviously part of the Guild. Obviously on Skooma. Clutching a dagger.

The father stepped in. 

“We don’t want your kind here. Your Guild is dying. Leave now and I won’t call the guards.”

Mistake. Never insult a skooma-head. The man went berserk. He took a frenzied swipe at the father. 

The father watched… as a puddle of crimson blossomed on his shirt. He fell.

The mother screamed.

Another swipe. Another thud as another body hit the ground. The man’s hands, shaking, took the mother’s Gold Diamond Ring off her corpse.

Only then did he notice the child. Shaking. Crying. Unsure what had just happened, but realizing… he wasn’t going to talk to his parents again.

“Get- get lost, brat. Leave. Don’t make- make me hurt you. Stop looking at me like that. Stop…” The man flees, leaving the child alone with his dead parents, in the middle of the night. Just another day in Riften.

BRUCE – the Guard Follower

I’m sure you recognize the name. His backstory is identical to Batman – but, rather than becoming a vigilante dressed as a bat, he instead chose to persecute crime on the right side of the law.

He is essential, and his level is 100, making him extremely overpowered.

He will fight for you, but he is a guard. He will not tolerate crimes of any kind. 

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