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Skyrim Legendary Edition – all three DLCs

Beyond Skyrim – Bruma

Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch

CACO v1.2 (For v2.0 see installation notes below)

What the mod does

All the plantables from Bruma and the DLC patch now work alongside the plantables added by CACO 1.2.

I have also changed the Bruma recipes so that Salt Pile and Flour Sack are replaced with CACO’s Salt and Flour. This means that all the oven recipes are now craftable. Some doubled-up plants have been renamed, e.g. ‘Clouded Funnel’ is renamed ‘Cyrodilic Clouded Funnel’. My personal preference would be to force Bruma plantables to yield plain CACO ingredients, but I’m not sure how the Bruma guys would feel about that, so I have left them in with an added Cyrodilic prefix e.g ‘Cyrodilic Wormwood’ to highlight the distinction.


Note that this patches Bruma for CACO v1.2. I’m personally using v1.2 and I doubt I’ll change to CACO v2 at this point, way into my game as I am, since the change to v2 requires a fresh start. More likely I’ll just switch to SSE at some point and go with CACO 2 then. It shouldn’t be too difficult for me to modify the patch to cater for v2 users though, if there’s interest. Let me know in the comments.

So, you need Bruma and its DLC patch and CACO 1.2. There are two file options in the downloads, one for the patch when you are using Wiseman303’s Flora Fixes[/url] and another if you aren’t. If you aren’t using Wiseman303’s fixes, then with respect, what’s wrong with you?

Put the Bruma/CACO patch following all your Bruma stuff, CACO, Wiseman fixes in your load order.

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