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“Brutal Hands” is a weapon/armor mod that adds the unique item “Brutal Hands.” This is a great addition for players who want to play characters who are focused on Hand-To-Hand or “unarmed” combat. They can be found in Riverwood in the blacksmith area. There are 2 version of this mod available, the original is not lore breaking but the “tainted” version is.

(Original Version)


    [*]Heavy Armor – Armor 13 / Weight 5

    [*]Unarmed strikes do 50 additional damage

(Lore/Game Breaking Version)


    [*]Heavy Armor – Armor 22 / Weight 6

      [*]Unarmed strikes do 5000 additional damage



    This is a follow up to mods I have created for Morrowind and Oblivion.

    If you enjoy this mod please don’t forget to come back and endorse it!

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