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TES-V: Skyrim, + 2 DLC (Dragonborn, Hearthfire) & New World Mod Resource (Required).

New World Mod Resource

New World Modder Resource


Build a City 4.0 : Stormcloak Edition – A Skyrim Mod by M7


Started on July 13, 2019 to Sept. 6, 2019.



Nova Skyrim Isle has a Stormcloak Outpost which was attacked by Dragons.  You are invited to restore the City to its former glory, by repairing or adding buildings. You can access the Isle via the Docks on Raven Rock in Solstheim.  “You find the City in ruins. You may leave it in Marble.” 

First, visit the Docks in Raven Rock towards the (Locked) Display Case nearest the Docks, then visit the (Sleeping Giant) Riverwood Inn.  On exiting the Inn you should be met by a Courier who will give you a book (Instructions); read it for the Key.  Then return to Raven Rock to unlock the Display Case and enter the Island.




* Build a City from ruins & Upgrade Buildings by Class Level (Common, Upper, & Nobility).

* Prefurnished Interiors based on Class Level and leveled Merchants.

 (Be certain to remove all items from interior when upgrading!)

* Entrance is in River Rock, Solstheim, using a display case on the Docks.

* Requires New World Mod Resource by Breti on Nexus Mods and Hearthfire/Dragonborn DLC!

 (It will CTD/Crash to Desktop without these)

* You can build: Houses, Stores, Walls, a Player Home (Palace), a Ranch, a Park, an Inn, with upgrades.

* Conscript Guards (once Stone Walls are built around Player Home).

* A working Prison (+Stone Walls) with Guards.

* A protected Work Station

* Oak trees with harvestable logs for building.

* Farms and custom Food items.

* Leveled Bandits, Deer, Wolves, etc.


M7 2019.


1. Go to Workstation (see Map).

2. Use the Builder Workbench to make the items for the City.

3. Use other crafting utilities for other items, like the Anvil for Building Materials (fittings, nails).

4. Harvest Oak Wood Logs from green-leafed trees, and convert them to Wood Piles or Wood Planks on the Workbench.

5. Mine Iron Ore, & Stone Blocks from the Iron Mine near the Workbench.

6. Mine Clay, Straw, Glass, etc. from Clay Mine near the Workbench; Stone makes Sand which makes Glass.

7. Place Buildings using a Button on a table at worksite in the City.

8. You can upgrade Buildings – use Repair Button on some structures to make Basic Houses.

9. Upgrade Common Houses to Higher Class or Noble buildings.

10. Upgrade wooden walls to stone walls.

11. You can also make a Park, a Theater or a Ranch

12. Important! – REMOVE ITEMS/NPC (Followers) FROM HOUSES BEFORE UPGRADING THEM! Or items will disappear.

13. You can hire Guards once the Palace Walls are built, or Recruit Patrol Guards.

14. Some Stores can also be built.  Sacks of Produce are opened using Cooking utilities/Forge.

15. The Docks lead back to Solstheim/Raven Rock using a Display Case.

M7 2019.



New World Mod Resource – Breti (Nexus Mods)

New World Mod Resource by Breti

New World Mod Resource by Breti

Script from Arrowsmith: Vanilla Edition v.3d (Harvestable NPC)

Arrowsmith Mod (uses Script).

Arrowsmith (script)

Damon James & Dragonstar (Skyrim Mods & Modders Facebook Group)

Game Testers Wanted!

IMPORTANT!! This Mod is not compatible with other Mods using the New World Mod Resource as it occupies the same locations. (Camelot, A State Builder, or Chu Mnt. Mods). Also in case anyone uses the exact same Courier script).   Also may not be compatible with some versions of Skyrim (Original Skyrim is okay).


Build a City 4.0 (On Steam):

Build a City 4.0 by M7

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