Byron Vampire Healer Companion

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1st ever Male follower for me so I decided to go all out. As far as I know, he is Skyrim’s first ever MALE Healer! We know there are too many Skyrim bimbos including mine so here is a change. 

AFT – Aft users should always put Byron ABOVE AFT in their load order. ALSO for best results take the Heal Staff from his backpack and make sure it is in his main inventory. 

Location: Bronze Water Cave (coc bronzewatercave).

Height: 1.0

Weight: 100

NON ESSENTIAL (This adds some immersion to the game as he is indeed a healer and can heal himself yet can die.)


Spell: Vampire Drain

Should work with vampire mods such as bloodthirst. (not tested).


KS Hairdo’s

Eyes Of Beauty


Volkihar Knight Armor


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