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  [font=Verdana]It’s Carnival Time![/font]   Carnivale Masks adds 20+ new masks/helms based on Venetian Carnivale & Commedia Del Arte masks for the player and companions to wear. I spent the better part of a few months working on these so I hope you enjoy. Bring on the festive cheer into Skyrim!

They can be bought from the new merchant in the markets in Solitude, Leila FunMaker. The prices vary according to how complex the design of the mask is. Open 8:00am – 8:00pm.

To install manually, move the carnivalehelm folder directly into Data > Textures > armor. Move the CarnivaleMasks.esp into Data.

It is possible to enchant these masks, but like other helms, they only take certain enchantments. More info can be found here.

I recommend putting the mod on the bottom of your load order. Notes for Nerds: I’ve used the TextureSet technique within creation kit to make this, rather then creating all new meshes; in order to save on mB space. There is a technique in 3D modelling where you put a grunge layer on a texture to make it seem less clean, I decided not to do this as it interferes with the cracking texture.

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