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ChalicewithBlood BUFF disappears quickly ? It’s troublesome to always go back and add BUFF ? So believe me, you need a Carry Chalice with Blood ! 

When you complete the CharicewithBlood task, you can make a CharicewithBlood and put it in your backpack.

How to make it ?

1. After completing the ChalicewithBlood task, you need to activate the special effect of the cup once. 

2. You must have “Venarus’s Imitation Bloodstone Chalice” in your backpack. 

3. Having all kinds of metal ingots. 

4. Your character must be a real vampire.

Once these conditions are met, a ChalicewithBlood can be manufactured in any forge. 

Where can I find “Venarus’s Imitation Bloodstone Chalice” ? 

You can find it near the throne of Venarus.

How to use “Carry Chalice with Blood” correctly? Throw “CarryChalicewithBlood” out of your backpack and pick it up.

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