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Disable Difficulty Sliders / No More Difficulty Scumming

Short overview:

– Difficulty sliders in the Skyrim menu are now disabled, you cannot adjust difficulty mid-combat anymore.

– The difficulty curve is similiar to Legendary, but slightly harder.

– You will be taking more magic damage.

– Armor is less effective at the beginning of the game and more effective later on, giving you better character growth

– However, unlike on Legendary difficulty, opponents are not damage sponges. Wolves will still die to two or three hits.

– Load this after any mod that touches difficulty sliders and armor. There should be zero conflicts with other mods.


The design philosophy behind this mod was first and foremost to stop myself and likeminded people from difficulty scumming (i.e. changing difficulty when a particular enemy gets too hard). This mod does more than that, though. It adds a better sense of progression, because you cannot cheat yourself out of battles anymore and beating stronger opponents feels much more rewarding now.  The difficulty I propose is also superior to legendary imho, for two reasons. First, enemies take more damage than they do on legendary, making combat more realistic. It just pains to see me when a level 1 critter takes three hits from a Steel Warhammer. You won’t see that happening. Second, combat is more fast paced with this mod than it is on legendary difficulty. The changes made to the armor system are simple yet effective: Hidden armor rating is reduced, base armor scaling is slightly reduced and lategame armor scaling is slightly improved. As an added bonus you will also have your difficulty fixed in whatever new game you start with this mod for your entire playthrough, because you don’t want to remove this mod from your savegame in order to prevent crashes. Not intended, but still beautiful.

The difficulty I provide here is for vanilla Skyrim. Soon I will release an updated version of this mod that is tailored to be used alongside other combat mods! You can however still use this version of the mod with any combat mod you want, there should be no problems at all, but your game might get frustratingly hard.

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