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With this mod you can use 20 vol. books with cheats codes for Skyrim. ach volume contains codes grouped by subject.

List of books:



11.Skills & Perks

12.Books, part 1 (A-L)

13.Books, part 2 (M-Z)

14.Skyrim map





19.Dragonborn, part 1


20.Dragonborn, part 2

3.Armors & clothes


5.NPC, part 1 (A-I)

6.NPC, part 2 (J-Z)


8.Enchanting & smithing

9.Alchemy & cooking

Books can be purchased for a nominal fee of one gold from the following vendors: Urag gro-Shub in the library of the College of Winterhold, Falion in Morthal, Belator in the in Whiterun and Lucan Valerius in the “Riverwoods trader” in Riverwood. If you have installed a mod that adds items to any of these merchants, it is advisable to use the function of creating a patch in the program Wrye Bash, otherwise, some of the items from the mods may be missing.

CAUTION: use cheat codes, if it’s you realy need, for fight with a bug and workable probe of addons. Everytime and causeless use of console commands can lead to new bugs, freezes and crashes of the game due to the filling of saves with garbage information!

To enter the desired code, the book does not need to close.

Some codes only work for the object (see below), some for the character, some for the game as a whole.

Codes to Skyrim are not sensitive to the registry, that is, codes can be entered both in lowercase and uppercase.


Download the archive, copy files cheatsbook.bsa and cheatsbook.esp into Data folred in the game, check mod in any mod manager, play.

Archive also contained table file with all game ID’s and all books in XML format (into BOOKS folder), you can open it with any text editor.

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