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This mod makes it so that, when you eat cheese and harvest mammoth cheese, you will hear Sheogorath’s iconic line from TES IV: Oblivion: “CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!”

How the mod works: my original goal for making this mod was to make it so that Sheo would shout about CHEESE when you picked up, ate, and dropped cheese. I could not figure out how to make the pick up, use, and put down sound effect options work in the Creation Kit… I was close to giving up, then my brain formed a masterful idea! I made a magic effect that does absolutely nothing, but when it is applied to the player, it makes the “CHEESE FOR EVERYONE” sound. I applied that effect to the cheeses of Skyrim. Now, when you eat that succulent CHEESE, you are given the health restore magic effect and the “empty” CHEESE effect, and when the CHEESE effect is applied to you, you will hear Sheo’s majestic voice!

Please note that this mod is NOT compatible with my Better Food mod… However, I made a “patch”. By “patch”, I mean I remade that mod in such a way that it’ll work with CHEESE. If you download the “Better Food with CHEESE” file, make sure you do not have Better Food installed… Also, you do not need to download the main CHEESE file; Better Food with CHEESE is kinda its own mod that has the full functionality of both. You may read more info on what Better Food is by clicking the name of the mod earlier in this paragraph.

(BETTER FOOD WITH CHEESE REQUIRES ALL OFFICIAL DLC! The reason the requirements are not listed is because the main CHEESE file does not require DLC)


1. Why in Oblivion did you make this mod?

-Because I felt like it, next stupid question.

2. I don’t like Sheogorath or cheese! Why should I download your mod?

-You’re a fucking psychopath, and my mod is too good for you. Move along now.

3. Whoa, whoa, buckeroo! Why the harsh language for the description of such a simple mod?

-Because fuck you, that’s why.

4. That was uncalled for! What the Hell?

-Get fucked 😉

5. I’m starting to get the impression that you’re a bit of a jerk… Might I ask you to-


6. Can you make a port for SSE?

-HERE it is!

7. Why did you name you mod “CHEESE for Everyone (CHEESE)”? Isn’t that name a tad redundant?

-Because “CHEESE” was already taken, you tiny-brained wiper of other peoples’ bottoms!

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