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I play with controller and I like to walk a lot to listen to my surroundings and just check out sights. I don’t like to run into stuff when I am indoors and have all the NPCs start yelling at me for knocking stuff over. It just ruins the immersion so this mod should help you deal with any situation, whether you want to walk slowly around a house or power walk through the city.

This script was originally written by chinagreenelvis and he wanted it to be public domain so instead of coming up with the walk toggle logic from scratch I decided to refactor his script. I liked the way he was doing it but he had some odd code going on. The script to begin with was lightweight but now it is more efficient than before but you wouldn’t notice of course as this is a tiny script the cpu eats for breakfast regardless of my refactoring 😉

This mod is compatible with everything, it overwrites nothing… in order to toggle walk, you do the same as his script did before and that is to double tap the shout button (RB/R1). Remember to unequip any shout power so you don’t spam the power. Clicking the right joystick (change perspective) will disable walking… he had this feature in and I decided to leave it.

Things I added:

-MCM Menu to edit walk speed (If you are already walking, your current walk speed will not reflect the change until you toggle walk again… I will probably fix this in an update, just something I overlooked)

-Over Encumbered Handling… you shouldn’t ever get stuck in place if your walk is toggled and you become over encumbered.

If you like the mod, don’t forget to endorse chinagreenelvis’ as well as my refactored version!

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