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I didn’t want to limit the freedom Skyrim gives, but at the same time I wasn’t happy that only race determines your starting skills (and that it does so at all).

This mod neutralizes the racial bonus to the starting skills and allows you to distribute points yourself. There is a limit of 10 points for each skill, but there is no limit for the number of skills with 10 points.

Unfortunately, it’s not a cool custom menu, but at least it’s not a default messagebox. I used ListMenu from SkyUILib[/url].

You can cancel your selection, and see where you have already invested, how many points and how many points are left.


Since this mod requires to open the menu at the “right moment”, it tries to determine whether you started with a vanilla start or with LAL.

If you’re using Alternate Start or another alternate start mod, you just have to wait (you can do anything before opening the menu). With vanilla start, menu should appear after you untie your hands.

The main thing that the menu was opened after you have created a character.

if you know how best to implement it technically, I will be happy.


This should be compatible with mods that change races (including their skills).

It is recommended not to use with mods that adds classes, etc, because it can lead to unpredictable things.

This should be compatible with any mod that changes the base skill value at the start. You can also find in installer a small standalone mods that changes the starting skills to 0/5/10 (i recommend 10).

Сompatible with SkyrimSouls – Unpaused the Game Menus, but may not be very aesthetically to vanilla start with this.

this contains the SkyUILib[/url] files of the latest (and looks like the only) version, so it will overwrite mods that also use SkyUILib (like Name Your Horse) and that’s fine. You can place them with my mod in any order.


This will reset all your skills after confirmation, so install this only on a new game

This mod requires SkyUI.

Install with your mod manager. Mod Organizer is cool.

Overwrite SkyUILib files at your discretion.

You can suggest the better text for menu title and messageboxes.

Click “Track” at the top of the page to start tracking mod updates.


Сhange the global value in TES5Edit/CK to change the number of skill points available for distribution (also change Help Message to match).


mrpwn for SkyUILib[/url].



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