Christie The Unbroken Standalone Follower

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The Unbroken

Location: Rorikstead, Frostfruit Inn[/color]

Voice type: Condescending

Height: .95, Weight 100

Levels: 30 – 600

Marriage: Yes

Dual Silversword archer

Be sure to take away the default hunting bow.

HDT body version requires:

–  HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogenSaysHDT

–  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by Groovtama

NetImmerse Override needed for the boots. If you have RaceMenu you already have this. Otherwise get it here:

Credits: Caliente’s meshes, mashup of Leyenda, Bijin and fair skin textures, CU female brows, The Eyes of Beauty, KS Hairdo’s.

Permission and thanks to:

Ov Thief Armor by Ovenley[/size][/center][/b][/size][/font]

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