Chubby Panda UUNP Bodyslide

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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode] So many curvy bodies but i hardly see real chubby bodies so i wanted to make a mix between the two 😀 Hope you like. [/font] Install like any other UUNP bodyslide preset, add bodyslide file to: [wherever your Mod Organiser is installed]Mod OrganisermodsBodySlide and Outfit StudioCalienteToolsBodySlideSliderPresets

I had a light issue with the area that connects the body to ankles. Might be a silly issue on my end but for now IF you have that issue there is an optional download with a fix by IndolentCat, Thank you! 

The fix are body files, drop them where needed, in case of replacing the base body they go in: SkyrimDatameshesactorscharactercharacter assets.

ENB used Here 

Skin is custom, sorry. I’d suggest Leyenda or Pure Skin if you want a similar look. 

Credits to: 


    [*]UNP compatible textures

    [*]BodySlide and Outfit Studio

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