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This is a patch that fixes Ciceria’s potato face if you try to use Female Cicero Replacer mod by AlainTheGreat (based on YuiH’s companion Ciceria[/url]), in conjunction with Botox for Skyrim.

Technically, this patch doesnt require Botox mod to work, since it’s actually a patch to re-direct assets to the mod’s native records. As Botox makes some changes to cosmetic records such as heads and hairstyles, some mods might not behave as well as they should upon combining them with Botox.

This issue is unrelated to grey faces bug and CANNOT be fixed by the the Construction Kit’s regenerate face geometry trick described on Botox:

How-To patch your own Mod:

If you want to create a patch for your mod (Botox your mod’s heads), you can do the following in Creation Kit:

1.Temporarily Uninstall/Disable Head texture mods during these steps. (You will get the red forehead bug if you don’t do this)

2. Add “Botox.bsa,” and “ballowmultiplemasterfiles=1, ballowmultiplemasterloads=1″ to the SkyrimEditor.ini (Important: leave the ‘,’ comma after Botox.bsa)





SResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim – Shaders.bsa, Update.bsa, DawnGuard.bsa, HearthFires.bsa, Dragonborn.bsa,

3. Load your mod.esp (make yourmod ‘active’ plugin, so your npcs will have a ‘*’ in the object window and are easier to spot) + Botox_CharGen.esp + Botox.esp in CreationKit (Cancel all error messages)

4. Select your NPCs you want to convert and press CTRL + F4

  (This will generate new head .nif’s (and tints) from the Botox Assets in the FacegenData/FaceGeom folder.) 

5. Reenable/reinstall your texture mods. Done. That’s it.


Female Cicero

Installation: Just overwrite files either manually or by your mod managet of choice.


Myst42: Made the patch

AlainTheGreat: Made the replacer

YuiH: Made the original character

Extra (Requires basic knowledge of Nifskope and TES5Edit):

How to fix companions for Botox-like mods:

The problem here, comes from the fact that a mod is altering vanilla records for cosmetic assets, say Hair or Head files.

This can be checked by using TES5dit to open plugin files.

NPCs in game work by a delicate balance between what the esp plugin contains and what model and texture files are.

Mods that add NPCs, usually come with a headmorph file located uner SkyrimDataMeshesActorsCharacterFaceGenDataFaceGeomModNameFolder*

In this case the ModNameFolder is Ciceriareplacor.esp.

Now that, is a nif file (mesh) and it contains models for hair, eyes and makeup.

Those need to have a correlation with the NAMES of the records found on the Plugin file, or else, the head will defailt to a “zero” state where it uses a vanilla face, with no morphs and a base texture that often has noticeable neckseams.

So in short terms, to fix this, what I did was

1.- Create CUSTOM records for altered cosmetic mods (CK or Tes5Edit)

2.-Redirect, either race or NPC’s cosmetic assets list to the newly created records (CK or TES5Edit)

3.-Redirect FaceMorph nif file meshes to the newly created records by naming them correctly (Nifskope)

You can check how this module is configured to understand better how to build a patch.

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