Circlets and Masks with Hooded Robes

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Hi how it’s going? as you all know if you use the unofficial patch you lose the ability to wear both circlets and Dragon Priest masks with Hooded Robes (with the most notable example of these being the archmage robes) and while yes there has been many other mods that try to fix this they either always left certain hooded robes unchanged (such as the blue mage robes that the court wizards wear, the aforementioned archmage robes or even those which are random drops with equally random enchantments), the point of this mod is to be more thorough than those older mods as to not leave any hooded robe item unchanged and thus to not break immersion (which as you maybe aware is a big reason behind most of my mods), for that EVERY single vanilla skyrim hooded robe item has been edited (with the unofficial patch active of course) to not use the “circlet” slot when equipped thus freeing it for the use of both circlets and dragon priest masks.

Just a reminder this mod ONLY affects those items which are considered “Hooded Robes” and thus normal hoods and other headgear CANNOT be used alongside circlets of dragon priest masks, this was mostly made out of a balance point of view since cloth wearers (which are normally wizard builds)that chose to use hooded items couldn’t benefit from 4 enchanted items like armor wearers could with the unofficial patch active (and while nothing ever stopped them from using non-hooded gear instead i personally believe personal preference should not be penalized… plus from an “immersion” perspective you should be more than able to wear a circlet -which is basically a metal headband- UNDER a hood).

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