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For all the effort put into designing the world, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was sorely lacking in other areas, most notably quest design and how bland the writing was. Conversations exist as an exposition dump with no personality; only one or two options that lead to the same outcome or information. There were no meaningful choices for the player, no “voice” to each option in dialogue that allowed the player to build who they wanted to be in a given situation, only what Bethesda wanted you to know, where to go and what to do when you got there.

Well, it’s time to change that.

The successor to the original mod for Divinity: Original Sin II, CoT adds 14 new characters to the world, each of them with their own distinct personality and conversations that can branch off in a number of ways. As a tribute to old-school RPGs, Citizens is a passion project I have been working on in my spare time and adds some much needed life to Skyrim’s NPCs, not to mention giving the player – at long last – the chance to actually roleplay and develop their character in dialogue.

The mod pays homage to the likes of Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Divinity, Dragon Age, VtMB and more – the games (and genre) I love. Each of the characters in Citizens acts as an “easter egg” of sorts, unmarked and hidden away in the world for you to find naturally while playing. This will, in turn, hopefully provide that feeling of discovery and that you’ve come across something special, not just been forced into talking to them.

Each of the conversations are essentially character studies, allowing the player to come to their own conclusion about the themes or events being explored in dialogue without being explicitly told what to think or railroaded into a choice. Some encounters might be comical, some of them might be deadly serious, but ultimately how you react to them and how they progress is up to you.

After all, that’s what roleplaying is about: choice and consequence. Though the mod may be small, the goal is to make the world feel more alive through these characters and your experience while playing through it all the more meaningful. Each of them has lived an actual life, they have motivations and flaws… ultimately Citizens is about coming into contact with other people in the context of the world, not robots, and exploring what they have to talk about.

Of course, writing can only be as good as the voice acting it relies upon and that works both ways. One of the main goals was to ensure that the quality of the voice acting was the best it could be for every character. Each NPC has been brought to life by a talented group of voice actors both new and experienced in the community.


Over an hour of fully-voiced, professional-grade dialogue

1,000+ lines across 14 NPCs

Checks for quests, factions, traits, inventory items and more for replay value across playthroughs

Believable characters that add depth to the world of TESV

Meaningful, branching conversations

… and there’s more on the way!
I’ve enjoyed working on Citizens and my intention is to use it as a base to add to over time. Already a second batch of characters has been written and that will hopefully be coming some time in the near future.

Installation & Compatibility

Lip Sync Fix is strongly recommended.


1. Download the archive and extract the files to a location of your choice.

2. Put everything into ../SteamApps/common/Skyrim/ and make sure to preserve the folder structure.

3. You should be good to go. To uninstall, just remove the same files.

Mod Manager

Same as usual. Install/uninstall is automated.

The mod was tested extensively before release and it’s relatively straightforward with minimal scripting or bloat. If you have encounter any problems, please make a post that details the issue. In the case of how it works alongside other mods, I can’t help you with individual load orders so the mod is provided as-is.

The audio files are as loud as they can be without affecting quality. If, for some reason, voices are too quiet on your speakers, go to ../Documents/My Games/Skyrim/SkyrimPrefs.ini and under [AudioMenu] is fval1 = 1.0000. This works as a percentage, so change it as needed.


Writing, Implementation and Audio Editing



Wyatt Henry



Cathria, Anika

Charliy Vaughan (CharlezVA)

Ewlyn the Brave



Laura Brady – swishnflick



Falla Rajida

Shamon Williams




Franki “Hankshaw” Garpeman


The Doctor




Alex Cain



Special thanks to Woni for answering some questions about AI Packages.

Citizens is exclusive to the Nexus and Workshop. I DO NOT give permission under any circumstances for it to be distributed anywhere else or for the voice acting to be used or edited for other mods. If you see someone’s work has been re-uploaded somewhere without their permission, please report it.

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