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Enlarges/expands select cities by building outside the vanilla boundaries (such as city walls). This should ensure compatibility with city mods that modify within the normal boundaries such as Dawn of Skyrim or JKs. Currently only Riften is built. Requires all DLCs.

Fair warning, this has not been evaluated with how well it plays with attacking Riften during the Civil War, you will likely need to disable this mod during the attack.

Permission granted to upload this to Skyrim SE Nexus, just credit me with creation.

Adding to Riften, wrapping around the North, East and South side of the city:





East Empire trade store



Roads wrapping around the back side of the city


Resources/assets used:

Strotis craftsman tools, by Stroti and Tamira

Strotis spinningwheel resource, by Stroti and Tamira

Stroti Resource pack 2, by Stroti and Tamira

Food container resource by Blary

Project havok (truestatic display model resource) by icecreamassassin

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