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This mod introduces 15 new teleportation spell tomes, allowing the caster to travel instantly to each of the holds, as well as some other locations.

The mod also introduces two new NPCs selling two of the new teleportation tombs, with one being in Falkreath, selling the Spell Tome: Teleport to Falkreath, and one in Raven Rock, selling the Spell Tome: Teleport to Raven Rock.

The locations specified in these new tomes include


    [*]Castle Volkihar

    [*]The College of Winterhold



    [*]Fort Dawnguard



    [*]Raven Rock



    [*]Tel Mithryn



These new and unique tomes can either be purchased from the court wizards, other wizards of the holds, and found in hidden or locked locations.

Spoiler for heat Chest
If you really cannot be bothered, or just want to play around with the mod, there is a hidden chest, with every single tome in Riverwood, beneath the rocks next to Alvors’ Blacksmith. You do not require TCL to access it, as it is like the other vanilla hidden chests in Skyrim, its just awkward. Good luck.
Spoiler for hest Location

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