Classic Graphics Performance ENB

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Classic Graphics Performance ENB

This is my first ENB preset, it is designed to keep the original look of Skyrim with as much performance as possible, I have tried many performance ENB presets and most of them bring me down to 20 fps outdoors, so I decided to make my own.

This ENB was made so I could have decent visuals with better shadows on medium settings, the outdoor fps is locked to 30 for performance reasons.

My average fps with this enb with 2gb VRAM

Outdoor   Constant 30 fps due to the locked framerate

Indoor      57-59

All screenshots show the textures set to medium with the resolution of 1920×1080

All heavy hitting enb effects have either been disabled or set to their lowest value.

This is the only version of this preset, I will not be changing it at all in the future.

It is for my personal use but I decided to share it with the nexus in case I need it in the future or if my pc decides to die I will have it backed up.

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