Cloud Storage with Crafting Centers

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Each of the five Inns listed have been modified to connect to the Hobo Crafting Center.

1. Windpeak Inn,  DawnStar

2. Four Shield Tavern,  Dragon Bridge

3. Vilemyr Inn,  Ivarstead

4. Moorside Inn,  Morthal

5. FrostFruilt Inn,  Rorikstead

Each Hobo Crafting Center provides a place to sleep, a garden, a merchant, a bath and non respawning Hobo linked containers. Hobo linked containers connect with other Hobo linked containers in each of the five locations. Player needs to buy membership or pick an expert lock to get inside each Hobo crafting Center.The respawn time in the Hobo crafting centers is set to 10 days (240 hours) of in-game time. So don’t use barrels for storage. Players have plenty assigned Hobo non-respawnable linked containers.

Compatibility: This mod may not be compatible with mods that change the interior of the Inns listed above. If a mod changes the navmesh inside the Inns above, it will not be compatible with this mod. If the change is minor, I may add in a patch. This file is an esp that acts like an esm. It will be a master file for my 3.0 dependent home mods  so that players will have hobo linked chest in my player homes  (In the near future). 

This mod is not compatible with Cloud Storage Master 2.0 and five dependent homes 2.0, because it is a replacement for it.

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