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CobbAPI is a DLL and set of script files that offer new script functions for mod authors to use; notably, this includes most of the tech I reverse-engineered and implemented in order to power mods like Cobb Positioner and ESO Death and Resurrection. The DLL is loaded by SKSE.

A demo is available in the downloads section; this download consists of an MCM that can be used to trigger most of the mod’s functions. You can also download a full archive of documentation.

If you are a mod author and you wish to use the script functions that this resource offers, you must instruct your users to download and install this mod. Do not package CobbAPI with your mod. If you want to use CobbAPI to add optional or enhanced functionality to your mod, you can check for its DLL by calling SKSE.GetPluginVersion(“CobbAPI”) and checking that the return value is greater than -1.


Manipulate actor detection: blind any actor, or prevent any actor from being noticed.

Check whether an actor has been cannibalized or decapitated — or do it yourself, from script!

Modify an interior cell’s lighting, fog, acoustics, and imagespace.

Move or spawn references in bulk!

Access a variety of properties on references: enable state parents, savedata, loaded 3D, load door teleport markers, and more.

Convenience functions can be used to simplify array manipulation.

Search a cell (or the loaded area) for references matching a variety of conditions.

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This resource’s source code is available on Github.

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