College Days Winterhold – Patch

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This patch fixes a bunch of things and improves slightly on others. Here is a quick rundown of features:

AI.. he now has some, he has a life, he sleeps, he eats, he drinks.. before he hung out sleeplessly 24/7 at the college entrance.

He tends to hang out mostly at the College Arcanaeum, Hall of Elements and outside in the Courtyard, he will wander though sometimes down to his friend, the Jarl.. so you’ll see him at the longhouse occasionally, also you can find him in the Tavern late on Fridays, he enjoys a drink after a long week, teaching students.

Private lessons with teachers is now properly implemented, it’s voiced. So u can immersively ask for lessons now and raise your skills a little. Receiving some starter books at the start of the questline has been restored for SSE. End of Semester message popups are restored too, for SSE. I’ve also gone ahead and made more helpful, informative quest objectives, so you don’t have to come back here and search comments endlessly in hopes of finding answers how to progress quests. No more becoming Archmage before you end your lessons with Master Mhoram, I thought that quite important to immersion so I went ahead and fiddled around with the quests a little more and added 2 additional stage requirements in, before you could become Archmage as an adept level mage, halfway through your tuition with Master Mhoram which felt wrong.  Defeats the point of the mod if you can get to adept mage and just become Archmage easy.  You do not need the voice fix patch, the fixes are included here and you do not need to download a voicepack at all.. it’s all here and it’s Musetrigger. The quests eye of magnus and college days winterhold can now actually be completed.

– I tested this mod plenty with a light load order, completed the mod several times after finishing the patch and it all went 100% fine and worked.

Download College days mod from here:

And then Overwrite everything when asked.

– Just to be clear, again you do not need the voice fix patch, it’s all inclusive, you do not need a voice pack at all, it’s all here.

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