Colored Bags (Organizing your items and inventory)

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This is a port of ”Colored Bags SSE” for Legendary Edition. Please check the discussions/comments there firstly.



The mod adds 10 colored bags to the game, with which you can optimize the management of your belongings and inventory.

You can:

–    Put any non-quest items in the bag;

–    Put a bag of one color into a bag of another color with all the contents within;

–    Add bag to favorites for quick access;

–    When adding a bag to another container from your inventory – You can unpack its contents into this container;

–    When moving the bag from the container to the inventory – You can pack the entire contents of the container into the bag;

–    Bags of the same color have a common container. You can access this container by activating one of the bags of this color anywhere;

–    Sell the bag along with the contents to the merchant (universal, or armor/weapons), then the contents of the bag (and the nested bags if there is) appear in the barter menu of this merchant (in accordance with his specialization). But he will not trade the selled bags.

When you activate the bag from the inventory, or favorites – immediately opens the bag container.

When activated outside of containers (in the world) – you can open the bag or pick it up.

Weight and price of bags, including the contents, are correctly restored when game is loaded from save.

How to get:


Craft a colored bag in the presence of a recipe (common for bags of all colors) in the inventory on the tanning rack.

You may find one recipe near the tanning rack in Riverwood. The recipe is also added to the level lists of universal merchants (bashed patch is not required).

You can put the recipe in the bag, and then the colored bags will not be displayed in the crafting menu. This method can be used for all similar recipes from other mods.

Examples of using:


–    Put in the bag the necessary potions or scrolls and add it to your favorites;

–    Place bags of the same color near of blacksmith forges or alchemical laboratories (in safe locations) and store materials and ingredients in their common container;

–    When traveling, collect items for sale in a colored bag, and then sell them in bulk.

–    If you have lost your bag, make a bag of the same color and you will get access to the contents of the lost bag.

–    And so on…

Usage options are limited only by your imagination:)



Skyrim LE;

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) 1.7.3[/url] or higer for Skyrim LE.



Place (unpack) the modification files in the Data folder, or install using the manager. Activate.



SkyrimSouls – scripts, specifically, optimized for compatibility. However, the

colored bags do not open from the Sky UI “Favorites” by using “Skyrim

Souls”. The solution is to exclude “Favorites” from the Unpaused Menu,

or use, for example, the – Categorized Favorites Menu.

Dynamic Things – Enhanced[/url] – The colored bags cannot be added to some containers from “Dynamic Things – Enhanced”, due to the limitations of this mod. Nevertheless, you can unpack the bag in such containers, bypassing these restrictions:). When “Dynamic Things” prompted to assign bags as safe containers – it’s better to choose – “ignore this container”.

Jaxonz Renamer – rename bags better globally (see help for “Jaxonz Renamer” in the MCM Menu).

Animated clutter[/url] – animations will not be applied to Colored Bags, since our bags have their own meshes.

Our Already Inspected – is fully compatible.

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