Command the Saurq Army by Fire Destroyer

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“The time has come, the argonians that once served Kroq Qar, now regrouped and are prepared to show their power to all the world, they serve the Dragonborne, a fearless leader who will guide them to the legend books and to the ultimate supremacy of Tamriel!”

This mod adds 3 spell books that each one spawns a type of unit from the Saurq company, the troops from the Argonian Warrior Kroq-Qar, to the command of the player. They have custom equipment, combat stance and will protect the Dragonborne wherever it is (follow you). 


It’s a book spell, located in the second room behind the door at the left in the Sleeping Giant Inn at Riwerwood, steal it, learn from it and you’ll gain 3 one hand summons with different summon times, point the marker and the come to your aid from a hidden location. 

(There’s one of each type resting at the Inn, go check em!)

They will follow you until 5 days (Then they return to recover)

You can summon up to 13 TROOPS, the configuration (numbers) is recommended at the unit’s description below:

WARNING: This mod is compatible with other summon mods, BUT, as it changes the summon ability, ANY THING YOU SUMMON AFTER THE SAURQS THAT IS NOT FROM THE MOD IS GONNA BANISH ALL OF THEM!!!

Unit’s Description

Saurq Melee

He’s a regular melee soldier, most valuable unit to Kroq-Qar in his plans, carrying a Iron sword and a Special ore shield made from argonian smith. He’s good for engaging front combat, will parry enemy attacks with shield and attack at the right time. Weak to: Overnumbers (seriously…)

Recommended: 5

Summon time: Medium (2.5 secs)

Saurq Archer

That one is not strong as the melee, but he have a strong Bow with fine arrows and will shot fools from distance with deadly precision. If enemy gets too close, he will engage him with his dagger, but it’s not a sword… Weak in harder melee

He wears the hood!

Recommended: 5

Summon time: Short (1.5 secs)

Saurq Heavy

This is a badass argonian, this guys are strong with high health, damage reduction and attack bonus, they use an Iron armor set and can carry two, count, two  Special maces from Argonian smith. They will assume a totally offensive position, will attack at all times and pay less attention to self defense… Weak against boss enemies

Recommended: 3

Summon time: Long (3 secs)


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Kroq-Qar, the Argonian Warrior The commander of the Saurq Company!!!

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