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This is a standalone, botox patched, version of Companions and Followers mod found here on the Nexus.

With this mod you get 12 traveling followers. 8 Botoxed females, and 4 males(Orc,Nord,Khajiit,Argonian)

Alana:  Ivarstead Inn on Sundays, Female Redguard, Fire Mage Conjurer

Ashe:  Riverwood Inn on Mondays, Female Imperial(spy), Archer

Coda:  Rorikstead Inn on Tuesdays, Male ,Nord, Tank

Devesha: Dragon Bridge Inn on Wednesday, Female, Imperial, Bound Weapons

Elsif:   Morthal Inn on Thursday, Female, Dark Elf, Frost Mage Conjurer

Haj-Meer: Falkreath Inn on Fridays, Male, Argonian

Keiko: Camp atop Abandoned Watchtower north of Falkreath at all time, Male, 2h Warrior Kitty

Leona: Drunken Huntsman on Saturday, Female, Nord, 2h Warrior 

Mira: Temple of Mara on Sundays,Female, Breton, Padalin 

Mulgrom:  MorKhazgur on Mondays, Male Orc, Adaptive,Prefers Dual Wielding axes.

Sheena:  Riften Ratway, Ragged Flagon on Tuesdays, Female, Imperial, Dual Wielding 

Shyvana :  Winterhold College, Hall of Countenance, first floor on Wednesdays, Female, Nord, Lightning Mage Conjurer

This mod requires Skyrim and Update.

Credits for this mod all go to the mods that went into it…

Companions and Followers

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