Complete Archery Overhaul

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    [*]Disabled aim auto assist.

    [*]Dead Arm at zero stamina (Camera and controller shakes if a drawn bow is held when Stamina is zero).

    [*]Arrows/Bolts cause bleeding damage.

    [*]Drawn Bows now drain stamina.

    [*]Bows/Crossbows now require a Bow String. They can be crafted, bought or found throughout Skyrim.

    [*]Arrows/Bolts now require x6/x3 Bundle of Fletchings. They can be bought or found throughout Skyrim.

    [*]A bundle of Arrows/Bolts is now 24/12.

    [*]Arrows/Bolts do 100% more damage.

    [*]Added Steel/Dwarven Arrows of Fire/Frost/Shock to the Forge since their Bolts counterparts are in the game.

    [*]Chance to pin limbs on critical hit.

    [*]Bows/Crossbows do 50% more damage but draw 15% slower.

    [*]Up to 15 Arrow/Bolts can be seen on a body.

    [*]Increased the number of stray Projectiles allowed in a Cell to 50.

    [*]Craftable Longbow added to Wood Section of Forge.

    [*]Craftable Hunting Bow added to Iron section of Forge.

    [*]Craftable Imperial Bow added to Imperial section of Forge.

    [*]Crossbows/Bolts can now be crafted at any Forge, provided you have the pre-requisite DG requirements.

    [*]Arrows/Bolts fly flatter.

    [*]NPCs use ammo.

    [*]Archery tree (renamed to Marksman) has been re-balanced to simulate real life progress. Speed and movement perks have been moved down, while power perks are higher up. Removed ‘Hunter’s Discipline’ since Arrow retrieval is already reset to 70%. Eagle Eye zooms 40% more. Perks also have new descriptions.

    [*]Each level of ‘Overdraw’ also causes increased bleeding damage (only affects NPCs that bleed).

    [*]Added Apprentice level Spell ‘Ethereal Bow’. It is a lower level Bound Bow (vanilla BB stats). Added to Leveled Lists so it can be bought from merchants who sell Apprentice level Spells.

    [*]Removed the Skyrim Sidestep.

    [*]Fixed the bug with the follower hunting bow. By default, all followers used their Hunting Bow rather than the Bow you give them, even if you removed the bow from their inventory. Followers will also no longer pull a Hunting Bow out of thin air if they have no Bow in their inventory (you may need to place this mod lower in the load order than any other follower tweaks mod).

If you are using a mod that overhauls Perks and do not wish to use the skill tree in this mod,  just place the Perk overhaul mod below this file.

IMPORTANT: Due to the way the game’s engine handles scripts, it is not advised to remove a scripted mod mid-playthrough.

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