Complex Ingredient Food And Potion Effects – Complete

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How does it work?

Argonians will boost their HP by eating raw beef.

Bretons will lose HP if they do so, but if they cook said beef, they will gain HP.

An Orc will have a positive reaction to Health Fortification Potions because of the ingredients.

A Khajiit will have a negative reaction to Health Fortification Potions because of the ingredients (adverse reaction to Troll Fat).

Potions have re-worked compositions, will require a kettle in your inventory, as well as an empty bottle which you can purchase at general good stores.

You will have to exercise caution as to what you ingest and what you give others for it may have unintended effects (i.e. death or poisons benefiting enemies rather than poisoning due to its composition)

What could be?

If enough people like this mod we may add extra features:

DLC coverage (including Dark Elves)

Additional species added with their own bio-reactions

Diverse Crafters (some apothecaries are more talented than others, price variation etc.)

Explanatory Sky-Animation Video

Methodology uploaded

Mihail Playable Race Add-Ons (Naga, Goblin etc.)


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