CONAN Hyborian Age UNP Conversion

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To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

——– Description ——–

A small conversion of women’s outfits made by  PROMETHEUS_ts  to match the UNP Body.

In one armor, I added a little thong instead of fur.

The warpaint has converted too with more vertex because vanilla body is low polygons.

——– Optional files ——–

A topless version of the pitfight outfit comes in optional files.

Bodyslide sources and a special version of warpaint effects are in optional files. 😉


You can find the topless armor in Hyborian Mound, and the recipe to make warpaint has changed but you can find the ingredients too 😉

Notes have been updated accordingly.

——–Unique Playable New Items Converted——–

Valeria Cimmerian Outfit

Valeria Pitfight Outfit

Valeria Pitfight Fur Outfit

Valeria Warpaint Outfit

Pants version does not converted

——– Credits / Permissions ——–

All credits goes to PROMETHEUS_ts, it is a simple conversion, you need the original mod.

I did not manage to contact PROMETHEUS_ts but the meaning of this mod is only to play to his beautiful mod with UNP body because vanilla body is useless.

Thong :


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