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Adds a hotkey that allows you to consume loose potions, food and ingredients from the world, rather than storing them in your inventory. 

I also added the option to equip all types of items. This is because, in the case of certain types of items, like flora and fish, there isn’t a reliable way to detect the items. So, if this option is checked, when you press the hotkey, the next item that’s added to your inventory will automatically be equipped. This works for weapons and armor too. If unchecked, only potions, food, loose ingredients, and certain types of flora will be consumed. For poisons, it will ask you if you want to poison your weapon.

SE version


Should be Compatible with everything. 





Extract to your data folder, and check in your load order.

In the MCM – choose your hotkey, and activate the mod.


De-activate in the MCM and uncheck in your load order.

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