Convenient Horses Extended Compatibility Patch

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Convenient Horses Extended Compatibility Patch

for Convenient Horses 5.0

This patch currently supports the recent versions of the following DLCs and mods:

    [*]All official DLCs

    [*]Convenient Horses Herding

    [*]Extensible Follower Framework 4.0

    [*]Ultimate Follower Overhaul


    [*]Arissa 2.22 (ESM version)






Extended support is also given to the following mods, including worldspaces and factions:

    [*]The Grey Cowl of Nocturnal

    [*]The World of Rudra 1.75

    [*]Beyond Skyrim: Bruma


Assuming that you have Mod Organizer, this patch must be installed then ordered below the existing installation of Convenient Horses.

Or with some other mod managers, override or overwrite the existing Convenient Horses PEX scripts.


Recompiling the code for this was difficult. In order to have a clean compilation (using Papyrus Compiler Plus), this required that I have to ensure the script sources are in their correct locations, plus SKSE-related stuff by the same, and Arissa’s source code had to be also present and moved in accordance to Chesko’s instructions found on the Github of the mod.

Furthermore, a piece of code I found in the vanilla scripts turned out to be causing compilation issues with SKSE, so I had to make a workaround by replacing `Tree` with `lTree` in the source code (`cwthreatcombatbarksscript.psc`).


As I once tried in 2014, I completely forgot who originally wrote this custom script, but until recently I never got to compile this source code properly, as I sought to get proper CH support for other worldspaces.

In the spirit of cathedral modding, this source code is open source for further addition of worldspaces and other mods now and in the near future.

Again, whoever wrote the code, you have my thanks, I just have to do it for everyone else.


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