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Hello there!

[/b][/size]COrc – Cute Orcs As Followers!

that is it enjoy!

These followers were already ready to upload almost 2 weeks ago. I wasn’t able to reach a mod author for permission, so Shar will not have her facetattoos ingame.


2 handed warrior

Will kill.


Dual wield warrior

Kinda cute.


Sword and schield.

Very protective.

You can find them all in Jorrvaskr.


XPMSE (Or just a HDT compatible Skeleton) And HDT physics

BodySlide for the Bodyslide Presets


Put the data folder into your Skyrim folder (where TESV.exe is)

[/size]Or just download it with some kinda Mod Manager.



Ks Hairdos

Female Makeup Suite

Bijin Skin

The Witcher 3 Eyes

SG Female Eyebrows

The Neith Team Warpaints Set

Weathered Nordic Bodypaint – RaceMenu Overlays and Warpaints

Ravens Warpaint

A dentist for Orsimers – HD teeth retexture

And that’s it!

[/size]Armor used here is the “Book of UUNP Bodyslide”.

Characters are best used with an ENB (I use Snapdragon ENB here) and Facelight. Makes them look a lot better 🙂


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