Corpselight Farm Redone

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This is my second installment of the redo of Falkreath’s interiors.  This one is of Corpselight Farm.  

Just like my first mod Grave Concoctions Redone, I’m looking for things such as:

Over cluttered/under cluttered

Anything that might look out of place

Navmesh that might be wonky

If you want, just install the mod, check things out and then uninstall it so you don’t have to worry about a plugin spot until I can get them all finished and get an AIO package.

I’ve never really had a reason to go into Corpselight Farm, but I cleaned it up and straightened out a few things.  I’ve added a small cot for where the girl would have slept.  I found it odd that there were no traces of child in that house.

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