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[font=Verdana]CORYA ENB [/font]


[font=Arial]This enb aims at producing a natural feel to the world of Skyrim. It is also “semi-realistic” since all dungeons and most nights are playable; this has been done on purpose based on personal preferences. [/font]

Note: a short gameplay video, with the fps count . Having more than 250 mods (4k textures and many others installed), the quality of this video has been impacted and the fps. 

How to install 

[font=Tahoma]1. Download the ENB file and extract its content in your Skyrim main director

[/font]2. Download the latest ENB Binaries from Boris . 366  –

     Copy the  d3d9.dll & enbhost from the WRAPPER VERSION into your Skyrim main directory


Corya Enb has been tested with:

    [*]Climates of Tamriel (Recommended ) –

    [*]Pure Weather –

    [*]Vivid Weathers –

    [*]Enhanced Lights and Fx (Recommended ) –

    [*]Realistic Lighting Overhaul –


Skyrimprefs.ini settings: Add/Modify those lines:




For people using MOD ORGANIZER, do not forget that those changes must be made in the organizer’s Tool Menu/ Ini Editor

The Enblocal file must ALWAYS ALWAYS be adjusted with regards to your graphics card! Also i highly recommend, downloading [font=Arial]Bethini [/font]( run it as per your personal computer specification.

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