Covered Bridges of Skyrim

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by sa547[/font]


All this mod does is to add covered roofs to selected bridges in the Tamriel worldspace. The roofs have enough high clearance (about 2 meters) to accomodate

mounted horses and carriages.

Two plugins are available: regular and summer version (without snow shader; inside Optional subdir).

This mod is a product of an experiment involving the use of Sketchup Pro 2017 as a rudimentary editor for creating moderately-complex models for use in Skyrim, helped along with an online model converter (for converting 3DSmax models — exported by Sketchup Pro — to OBJ), Nifskope (for assigning textures and UV editing) and NifUtils Suite (Chunkmerge to make Havok collisions). 

Like most small ideas, this was thought about during a staid afternoon while toying around with Sketchup models: if Sketchup Pro could export OBJs, why not it could be used to create new models for prototyping and eventually be used in the game? Took two weeks of experimentation with basic pieces until I decided to create a new mesh resource from scratch, the covered bridge roof taking four days to make.

A half-arsed note on this process is also available in the Optional section to explain in steps how I did it from Sketchup to Skyrim.

Tools Used

Sketchup Pro 2017

Nifskope 2 alpha

Nifutils Suite

Adobe Photoshop CS6


IDK, but thanks to everyone over the years, especially the /r/skyrimmods gang at the Discord channel.


Mesh resource can be reused for other mod projects, as long as due credit is given, and as long as nothing of monetary value is charged.

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