Craftable Bandit and Stormcloak Armors

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as mentioned in the title this mod will allow you to craft the fur armors normally used by bandits and the stormcloak armor (and officer armor) of Ulfric’s soldiers, the reason why i focused on these 2 groups specifically was because i created this file as a “companion mod” of sorts for the “DLC and Vanilla items made craftable” mod by Vaffelmannpingvinen (link:[/url]), said mod already makes most of the items in skyrim craftable, if you look at its page (or if you have used it before) you would notice that among the things it covers some of the most notable are certain faction armors (imperial, blades, companion, etc) but not the stormcloaks, granted the stormcloaks only have 2 armors and 1 of those is a recolor of the hold guards armor but considering that the mod already makes ALL imperial items craftable (save for tullius armor) i felt it was just fair that i catered for us stormcloak fans, as for the bandit armors lets just said that to me it never made much sense why we can craft hide armor since the start but not fur despite that the later looks far more simple than the former.

TLDR: this file allows you to craft all Fur and Stormcloak armor items with no need of a perk since quite honestly both armor groups seem more simple to craft than steel (i also made the Windhelm Guard’s Shield craftable as bonus), it doesn’t requires Vaffelmannpingvinen’s mod but is meant to be used alongside it, also feel free to point out any bugs/problems and i’ll attempt to fix it as best as i can (i’m still somewhat new at creation kit).

Plans for the future:

i originally wanted to make the stormcloak officers armor recipes available after completing a quest under the stormcloaks most specifially the one that grants you the full set, but i have not been able to find it nor do i now how to set that condition, so if any of you guys know how i would be grateful.

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