Craftable Staves- Lore-Friendly Alternative

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similar to my “Transmute Ingot to Soul Gem” mod i’m not the original creator of this file but just modified it into an alternate version more in line with what i wanted (and for compatibility with some mods i use), this file in particular is an edited version of “Craftable Staves- Dragonborn Addon” by paulhanna (link: more specifically the “version 1” of the mod (because the mod has 3 different versions available) since i thought that it was the most lore-friendly of them all, what i did was mostly to change the “Unenchanted Alteration Staff” recipe to require an “Orichalcum Ingot” instead of a Dwarven one (since lorewise dwemer metal is pretty rare and staves are pretty common) and change the enchanted staves recipes to no longer require the different ranks of the “Enchanter perk” instead only knowing the spell that is required (the only exceptions being the forsworn staves since those still require the completion of their specific quests which i thought was fitting hence why i left it), basically the only requirements left to create staves is to have the “Arcane Blacksmith perk” from the Smithing tree, knowing the spells and using a forge.

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